How long have you been riding?

I’ve been riding for the last 8-9 years on a number of scooters, sports style motorcycles, cruiser style motorcycles, beginner bikes, track bikes and even an electric motorcycle.


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What do you currently ride?

I ride an FZ09. Super awesome torkey motorcycle that rips up the streets and it also sees a little track time.


What is your dream motorcycle?

My dream bike, I have a few, let’s see. For the street I think I’d love to just own that KTM Superduke 1290. It’s obvious overkill. It’s basically the FZ09 on steroids with much better suspension, ABS, the brembo brakes, the whole package. If I had to pick a dream track bike it would probably be the R1m. You’re getting all the electronics, all the safety packages, some electronic suspension, super awesome stuff.


Describe the moment you were hooked on riding.

That happened before I even picked up a motorcycle, even touched one. I mean, just looking at these beautiful machines, two wheels, the way they corner, I mean it hooked me just looking at them. Even more recently over the last couple of years I was re-hooked onto track training. The first time I hit the Horsethief Mile in Willow Springs I mean, I remember the first time I felt my knee scrape up against the ground I knew I had a whole new addiction.

Charlie Fernandez