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How long have you been riding?

16 years


What do you currently ride?

Softail Fatboy


What is your dream motorcycle?

Used to be a D-Rod, but I still like the Fatboy.


Describe the moment you were hooked on riding.

I was 17 years old. First time I rode a motorcycle, I did a wheel-stand. No one showed me how, I was all self taught. I was in high school at the time and a guy brought his motorcycle to school. I thought, “hey, let me ride that thing” and I jumped on it, popped a wheelie and thought, “man this is cool!”


What was the first bike you owned?

Actually, I had a Honda Trail 90 and then I got one of those Polish bikes, Quaski. Not Kawasaki, you know, the off brand. Then I got a Sportster and then a Dina and now I’ve got the Fatboy. So really not that many motorcycles, but I’ve built a lot of cars in between. Cars, motorcycles, boats and kits.


How did you get into racing?

Well, I got involved with a guy when I was was at a station. We had a dino and we checked his car on the dino, I started watching his races to help him. Then I just got involved building my own car and continued to build em, cause you crash them and wreck them ya know. So the best time I had in a race car was at Ontario Motorspeed Well, two and a half mile track, Humglock race. So I finished second in that race. We raced for years, almost every weekend for 10 years.

Charlie Fernandez