How many years have you been riding?

I’ve been riding since I was 7, I’m 27 now so about 20 years. I started on dirtbikes.


What kind of motorcycle do you currently ride?

I currently have a streetbike 650r and I’m in the middle of making a transition to a Ducati Monster. I’m looking at an 8 or maybe even a 1200. I have a CRF250 2 stroke and a YZ25 two stroke, both are dirt bikes and set for track racing.


What is your dream motorcycle?

Dream bike is probably going to be a 1099 Panigale for track. I actually have a lot of dream motorcycles, but the 1099 is going to be my really expensive dream bike. Also, I love the Ducati Street Fighter, that would be my commuter in a perfect world. And if I could choose a cruiser, it’d probably be the Harley Davidson Sport, probably 1200 or maybe the 883. Or the Yamaha Bolt. So I have a pretty long list of street bikes as far as dream bikes.


Describe the moment you got hooked on riding.

Let’s see, the first time I was hooked was when I was 7 years old. We were out with friends in Borrego Springs and my buddy basically showed me how to ride a CRF150 and uh, I got on it, he showed me how to ease out the clutch and I’ll never forget it, the very, very first time I started rolling on the throttle I was instantly addicted to the sport. I literally was obsessed with motocross after that. Around 9, kind of on and off, I was trying to jump on anyone’s motorcycle I could get my hands on. My dad worked for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation so I was took a lot of safety classes, the ATV class, the dirt bike school, and then we rode dirt bikes all the time, pretty much until I was 17 and then I got a YZ125 and got a lot of experience working on that. Building and rebuilding, it would break down and we’d fix it. I started riding my dads 250 Ninja and a year and a half later I got my 650r.


Anything else you’d like to add?

Not really, I just love riding motorcycles. Anything I can get on with two wheels, I’m all about it

Charlie Fernandez