AMO offers riders a course that builds more confidence with more practice before heading out on the LA streets and freeways.

More Riding is four hours of riding challenging exercises on your bike or one of our training bikes and is without any classroom elements. We provide full-faced helmet and gloves as needed. It is also a great course for returning riders who need to get reacquainted with motorcycling.

We also recommend this course to anyone with their own bike as a way to learn more about its capabilities and limitations is a safe environment with professionally certified instructors. So bring your bike if you have one. Or, you can always use ours if you desire.

Who should take this course?

  • Riders who want more confidence with motorcycling

  • Returning riders who have not ridden for a while and need a refresher

  • Riders who want to learn more about their bikes on a closed-circuit course under professional coaching

  • Riders who just bought a new bike and need a “break-it-in” time to get to know the bike, and the bike to get to know you

What will you practice?

  • Several exercises and coaching to reduce your braking distances

  • Multiple exercises using

o   Better corning and turning techniques

o   Improving your body positioning

o   Effective cornering line selection

o   And all emphasizing SPAT (Speed-Position-Aim-Turn)

  • Crash avoidance skills

o   Braking in a corner

o   Swerving if you can’t stop

  • Slow-Speed & Changing Lanes

o   Weaving at slower speeds requiring effective clutch-throttle control

o   Slow turns practice for better parking lot or small-area maneuvering

o   Lane changing practice with traffic interaction


  • Completion of any basic rider course at any time or previous riding experience on street or dirt.

  • Minimum age is 15 ½ with parental approval needed for those under 18.

  • A valid governmental ID card from a country, state, public college or high school.

  • Ability to sit on motorcycle, manage its weight with control, and the physical strength to balance yourself and the motorcycle.


  • Knowledge and skill to acquire M1 license from the CA DMV after meeting all of their requirements.

  • Insurance companies may offer discounts for passing this course.

  • More skill to attend AMO’s other intermediate rider courses.