Intermediate Riding Clinic (total Control)


The IRC is your next step to improve your skills on your own bike. This one-day course includes both riding theory and concepts with lots of relevant on-your bike practice. Other riders have reported that the IRC significantly improved their riding skills, confidence and ability to make better choices about when and how to ride.

So, What Do We Cover

  • Throttle Control—Knowing how to skillfully applythe throttle is one of the major distinctions between good riders and great riders

  • Brake Control—learn and practice the right techniqueto achieve shorter stopsso you are prepared when you need to brake quickly and avoid a hazard

  • Vision Control—The main reason for vision being so critical is that you go where you look but even experienced racers struggle with maintaining proper vision through the corners.

  • Line Selection—Some of these lines will help you make a safe and serene progression through the bends, while others will ruin your perfect ride! Learn how to plan and follow proper lines on every corner of the road.

  • Low Speed Turns‑Few activities in street riding can be as frustrating as having to make a low-speed, tight turn in a limited amount of space— especially if you don't know the technique.

  • Evasive Maneuvers—Swerving around an obstacle at speed can be a life-savingtechnique but it requires skill and practice to avoid surpassing the available tractionof your tires and crashing during the maneuver.



  • A valid motorcycle license (M1) with your own street-legal motorcycle (insured, registered and street-legal equipment)

  • Minimum age is 15 ½ with parental approval needed for those under 18.

  • Previous riding experience of any level.



  • Knowledge and skill to gain more skills in handling your motorcycle.

  • Insurance companies may offer discounts for passing this course.

  • A level of skill to attend AMO’s other intermediate and advanced rider courses