What We Believe, HELPS You

We believe riding is not for everyone. We also believe your investing in an actual hands-on course taken under safe conditions with certified, professional trainers is the best way to find out if riding is for you. So while we do not guarantee you will finish or pass the course, we are here to help you come to the decision to ride or not. For that, we provide a safe environment to learn more about motorcycling, more about the bond between you and a motorcycle, and more about yourself—all worth the investment! 

We believe that for as long as you ride, you should keep learning. That's why we offer courses beyond the basic course to help you refine your riding knowledge, techniques and skill.  We can help you find what courses are best for your level of riding and at what intervals you may want to progress with more training. Visit our schedule page or our Facebook page to learn more about course offerings and times so we can help you along your journey. 

We believe that riding is as much about attitude as it is about skill. So our training helps you learn more about how your attitude surely affects your riding, sometimes even more importantly than your riding skills.

We believe your enjoyment of training is essential. We call it "serious fun". We provide a supportive learning environment that encourages you to learn about you and motorcycling. We believe this helps to bring out your best.   

We believe your safety is essential, in training and on the road. So we are committed to offering you excellent motorcycle safety courses taught by the best professional instructors, to create the best learning experience, and to help you learn to be safe.

So see, it is all about you!

Finally, we believe...

We have Today's Training for Tomorrow's Ride