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Frequently Asked Questions
(and Policies & Procedures)

First of all, just what do others say about your training programs?
We are pleased to have you view what our alumni says on YELP or Facebook.

By the way, do you offer any gift certificate programs?
Yes we do at this link: Special Gift Offering

What courses do you offer after the BRC?
We firmly believe in offering continuous training for riders in courses that challenge them to the next level. For courses, schedule and how to
 enroll, click on: After Your First Ride

Why should I take the Basic RiderCourse?
Upon successful completion, you will have learned how to become a safe and responsible motorcyclist. However, we at AMO surely do not believe the Basic RiderCourse is a "one-time" training shot that ensures safe riding. Neither does the MSF. So we offer more of their courses so you may continue to improve your riding and mental skills, and keep a good perspective (self-awareness) of yourself as a rider.

​If I still have questions after I read this FAQ page, what's the best way to contact someone at AMO?
AMO receives nearly a 1,000 inquiries monthly, so we suggest using this FAQ page first. If you don't find your answer, contact us at INFO@AMOSOCAL.COM. We have found playing phone tag doesn't get you the answer, wastes lots of your time, and you still don't get into a class. 

What are the minimum requirements to take the Basic RiderCourse?
Prerequisites: A person should be able to balance/ride a bicycle; possess a VALID driver's license OR other documents as described below for your age group; read and understand English (interpreters accepted with prior approval), and have read and accept the terms and conditions (policies and procedures).

What do I get if I pass?
You will receive (via mail within 10 days) a CA DMV Form DL-389, Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Training, which waives the on-motorcycle test at the DMV. You will also receive a BRC Completion Card, which may 1) provide discounts on insurance, 2) 10%-15% discounts from some aftermarket retail businesses for motorcycle gear, parts and accessories, and other motorcycle related purchases; and 3) may provide other incentives from some motorcycle manufacturers through the dealer network. We also have special arrangements with local dealers to offer you cash-back offers if you purchase a motorcycle within 30 days of completing the course.

AMO's Special Resources

Is it true that insurance companies discount premiums for completing the BRC?
Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to RiderCourse graduates. These can range from 5% to as much as 20%, depending on the insurance company. In some cases, the savings can be as much as course tuition itself. When you couple this with some of the other reimbursements mentioned above, it may be possible for students to not only take the RiderCourse at (essentially) no cost, but to put a few dollars in their pockets as well.

How much is the course?
You can register and pay on line. Click the buttons above.  The course fees are $250 for persons 21 years of age, and $150 for those under 21 years old.

Are course fees refundable? 
Our NO REFUND policy is set to ensure that scheduled classes can occur as planned for all students’ benefit. Resources, RiderCoaches, and other services must be in place for each class and require weeks ahead in planning, reservations and prior expenditures.

Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to ensure you are able to attend the full set of dates and times when you register for a class. 

Can I reschedule a class? 
No rescheduling can occur within five (5) days of the class. As an example, class starts on Friday, you cannot reschedule after Sunday before the class.

Rescheduling before five days of the class can be made with a $25 RESCHEDULING FEE.

When is the course offered?
We offer classes on the weekend and weekdays. Check the buttons above for location and times.

Regardless of the schedule or location you choose, the total course is 15 hours - - 5 hours classroom instruction on motorcycle safety topics and 10 hours riding exercises. You may have alternating classroom and on-bike sessions or complete the class in one session. In either case, you must stay in the order the course sessions are scheduled. You cannot swap weekends or "cross schedules."

Our weekend schedules may look like this:
One group runs Fri 6:00p-9:00p (Classroom 1); Sat 7:00a-12:00p (Range 1); Sat 12:30-3:30p (Classroom 2); Sun 7:00a-12:00p (Range 2).
A second group runs Sat 8:00a-11:30a (Classroom 1); Sat 12:30-5:30p (Range 1); Sun 8:00a-11:30a (Classroom 2); Sun 12:30-5:30p (Range 2). 

Our weekdays schedules vary so click the buttons above.

What if I am late to a session? When can I make-up sessions and finish the course?
We must begin every session on time to ensure proper classroom learning and riding practice of exercises. If you are late to any session, you will not be admitted. You then become a "standby" rider and can only re-enter the course on future dates on a space available, first come basis. No fee is charged, but it may take weeks to months to complete the course on this catch-as-catch-can basis. So we encourage ALL riders to pick the times they can commit to and be early to every session.

If I’m under 21 years old, how can I enroll in the course?
CA law requires that any person under 21 years of age must complete the MSF Basic RiderCourse before being issued a motorcycle 
instruction permit, and hold the permit for six months before being issued a class M1 motorcycle driver license endorsement.

To enroll in a BRC class you must have at least one of the following: A valid driver’s license from one of the fifty states, a California 
DMV issued automobile learners permit, or a California DMV issued identification card. AMO accepts out-of-state driver’s licenses that 
are acceptable to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  To learn more, click on this link to the California DMV Motorcycle License 
Check List.  

If I am over 21, do I need to get a permit before I take the course?
No. You can take the course with any one of the following:

•  A valid CA driver's license, or other state-issued driver's license (non-USA licensees receive only a BRC Completion Card), 
•  A CA DMV Identification Card, 
•  A motorcycle or motor vehicle instruction permit, or
•  Successful completion of a CA driver's education program.

To learn more, click on this link to the California DMV Motorcycle License Check List.  

What if I am from out of state? 
AMO accepts out-of-state driver's license credentials that are acceptable to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Does the DMV have a Motorcycle Handbook?
Yes, click on this link to get the California Motorcycle Handbook.  

Do you supply motorcycles? 
Yes, we provide Kawasaki Eliminator 125 cc motorcycles for the Basic RiderCourse

What if I want to ride a scooter? 
If you intend to ride only a scooter on the road and not a motorcycle, we can train you on a scooter. Note your request when you enroll (Special Notes) or send us an email at the send us an email at the time you register to ensure a scooter is available for reservation.

Can I ride my motorcycle or scooter?
The CHP has strict guidelines for training bikes used in the course (engine size, seat height, and weight) as well as insurance and vehicle inspection standards. So we do not permit rider's motorcycles in the BRC, but we may consider rider's scooters under the CHP guidelines. Contact us immediately if this applies to you.

Do I need a helmet? 
We provide helmets; however, you may use your own helmet if it is DOT approved and FULL-FACED with a face shield. 

Do I need gloves? 
We provide gloves, but you can also use your own full-fingered gloves.

Do I need boots? 
You MUST wear sturdy boots (leather) that cover the ankle bones. For safety reasons, no one is permitted to ride motorcycles 
without proper footwear. 

 Good examples are motorcycle boots, sturdy hiking boots, military-styled or work boots.

▪ Unacceptable footwear are athletic, court, sneaker, fashion boots, high-heeled boots, high-tops or other soft-sided shoes; over the ankle or not, they will not be accepted.

What attire do I wear? 
•  Long pants (no holes, cutouts, sweats, or tights).  
•  A long sleeve shirt or jacket. 

What if it rains? 
We do conduct training during most wet conditions (showers, light to moderate rain, etc.). We evaluate the weather at the training site and
make a determination based on actual conditions there. We do recommend that you bring rain gear to keep yourself dry and comfortable.
If we must cancel the class, we work with you to reschedule (at no charge) those portions remaining to complete the course.

Does everyone pass? 
Over ninety percent of our students pass the course, but not everyone does so the first time. The DMV has many other requirements, and the  
AMO does not guarantee that the DMV will issue you a license.

​What if I don’t pass the tests or are counseled out?
If you do not pass either the knowledge test or the skill evaluation, you can re-take them once more at a later time. If you self-drop or are counseled out, you may re-enter the course at no additional charge on a stand-by (space-available) basis only. The CHP only permits two attempts to pass either test before having to repeat the whole process, including repaying the fee.

What do you mean if I am counseled out?
Our primary focus is your and everyone's safety. Students who do not meet the objectives of the course or riding exercise may be given an opportunity to retake the session at another time using the Standby Procedure. We explain why a rider may be counseled out and what their next steps may be. Most riders are appreciative and grateful that we do not ignore their ineffectiveness, pass them and just hope they ride more safely when on the road.

How does a RiderCoach qualify to teach the course?
•  All AMO RiderCoaches have been certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and California Motorcyclist Program.
•  All AMO RiderCoaches have successfully completed a 60-hour intensive RiderCoach training program.
•  All AMO RiderCoaches attend yearly professional development courses, and meet  MSF and CMSP recertification requirements.
•  All AMO RiderCoaches are CPR and Basic First Aid certified.
•  All AMO RiderCoaches currently ride and have many years of riding experience.
•  All AMO RiderCoaches truly enjoy coaching and want to see riders learn to be safer, more skilled motorcyclists.

Do you have a copy of your Terms and Conditions?
Please review these Terms and Conditions (policies and procedures) before you enroll. If you have any questions, please contact us at, and we will be glad to help you out. 

What's the best way to contact someone at AMO?
Again, AMO receives over 800 inquiries monthly, so we suggest using this FAQ page first. If you don't find your answer, contact us at INFO@AMOSOCAL.COM. We have found playing phone tag doesn't get you the answer, wastes lots of your time, and you still don't get into a class. 

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