It's All About You

So, please tell me about your experience—or concerns that I will gladly handle personally. 

One more thing, we think it is important that you know what we believe regarding your motorcyclist training. So take a moment to read our attitude about things like your riding, your attitude and your training. You'll see that what we believe surely does benefit you.   

Thank you for taking a course with us, and we do pray Blessings that all of your rides are safe,

Charlie Fernandez
General Manager

What We Believe Helps You

We believe riding is not for everyone. We also believe your investing in an actual hands-on course taken under safe conditions with certified, professional trainers is the best way to find out if riding is for you. So while we do not guarantee you will finish or pass the course, we are here to help you come to the decision to ride or not. For that we provide a safe environment to learn more about motorcycling, more about the bond between a motorcycle and you, and more about yourself—all worth the investment! 

We believe that for as long as you ride, you should keep learning. That's why we offer courses beyond the basic course to help you refine your riding knowledge, techniques and skill.  We can help you find what courses are best for your level of riding and at what intervals or stages you may want to progress with more training. Be sure and join our contact list so we can help you along your journey. 

We believe absolutely that riding is as much about attitude as it is about skill. So we train to shape your attitude that how you ride is just as important as the physical skills you want to develop.

We believe your enjoyment of training is essential. With this approach you are encouraged to learn more and become a regular student of motorcycling. So we offer a great learning environment (we call it "serious fun") along with many other resources beside our own training for you to become a better rider and to help you maintain your motorcycle.   

We believe your safety is essential, while in training and on the road. So we are committed to offering you the best courses, taught by the best professional instructors, to create the best learning experience, and all of this to help you become the best rider you can be. So see, it is all about you!

Finally, we believe...

We have Today's Training for Tomorrow's Ride
Yes, your learning how to ride is absolutely about you. That is the whole reason we are here — to train you to ride safely. So we work to ensure a great learning environment and strive to bring you the best in motorcyclist training. Motorcycle riding is 33 times more dangerous than being in a caged vehicle, so riding safely is much more than going straight, shifting gears, and saying, "Heck yeah! I KNOW how to corner and stop a motorcycle." SO, pay attention, be eager to learn from professional coaches and trainers, and enjoy learning to ride safely!

And oh yeah, if for some reason your learning experience does not meet your expectations, we do want to hear from you. 

And, of course, we also like to hear from you if you had a good experience. So whether it is good news or not, whether you spent a full weekend to learn to ride or took a one-day course, your time spent and experience with us is valuable to us. Just as we encourage you to be a lifelong learner, your feedback helps us become even better trainers and instructors. 
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