Advanced RiderCourse

AMO offers the MSF Advanced RiderCourse that takes licensed riders to their next level of skill and technique. In this course you will be coached in techniques that are relevant in all areas of street, highway, and freeway riding. The MSF ARC is direct version of the course the US Navy helped MSF develop*.

MSF Advanced RiderCourse —  Beyond Beginner Level**

What is Covered
  • ​Throttle Control & Refinement
  • Maximum Braking Techniques
  • Vision & Line of Sight
  • Low-Speed Turns
  • Road Speed Turns
  • Evasive Maneuvers
  • Decreasing Radius Turns
  • Traffic Interaction
  • Personal Debriefing 

Who Should Take the Course
  • Riders who are ready to learn more skills for all road situations
  • Riders who are ready to corner with greater skill and confidence
  • Riders who are ready to improve their maximum braking techniques
  • Riders who are ready to learn better body position for better traction management
  • Riders who are ready to learn more about their bike and themselves in challenging exercises

  • Valid motorcycle license (not permit) and street-legal motorcycle.
  • Successful completion of any basic rider course or riding skills demonstrating basic handling skills,
         smooth clutch-throttle control, brake usage and turning procedures.

Tuition & Time (Contact AMO for information:

  • You pay only $185 that includes a special book (All discounted off the normal $200 fee)***
  • Pre-Ride Classroom session

Key Information:
  • Don't enroll unless you can attend & ride. There are NO make-ups
  • NO LATE — You  forfeit your seat and fee if you are late. We have a lot of material to cover
  • Bring your own motorcycle, M1 license, bike registration, and a copy of your insurance
  • Bring your own riding gear
  • Bring a completed TCLOCS sheet done by you or your mechanic

​*   In 2008 the US Navy field-tested the MSF Military RiderCourse then implemented it Navy wide globally. They attributed a           66% drop in fatalities that has remained low today. The course was adopted by Department of Defense worldwide.

** You ride confidently at city speeds or on highways. You understand rider body position, and have good use of braking                 controls.

** Discount is immediate and given at the time of enrollment.
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Jonathan Fernandez — AMO Senior Lead Instructor